Episode 11: Colby Martin - UnClobber

December 7, 2016

Colby Martin is a friend and author of the book Unclobber: rethinking our misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality. He lives in San Diego, so this is our first attempt at recording via FaceTime and it seems to have worked out.


Episode 10: A Presbyterian, Lutheran & Mutt talk Election 2016

November 11, 2016

Two days after the election, I sat down with two of my pastor-friends in Peoria to talk about politics, shepherding our people, what to talk about in our sermons this coming Sunday and the nature of the church. Good stuff.

The Rev. Dr. Stephen McKinney-Whitaker is the pastor of United Presbyterian Church on the corner of Northmoor and Allan Roads. 

Rev. William R. Dohle Jr. is the pastor of St. Paul Lutheran church on Lake. I couldn't find a picture of him on their site.

(Charlie is the mutt.)


Episode Nine: Nathan Peterson

November 10, 2016

I know a lot of you know Nathan. But for those of you who don't: Nathan is a local singer/songwriter (Hello Industry). He and his wife Heather's fourth child - Olivia - was born with Trisomy 18, a condition that causes severe developmental delays due to an extra chromosome 18. We had a long conversation about their journey, God, great people, being "here," and lots of other stuff. This is a great episode! 

You can purchase Nathan's book So Am I: 14 Months of Life and Living and Letting Go on Amazon in both paperbook and kindle editions.


Episode Eight: A Conversation with Courtney about Politics

October 20, 2016

Of course, everywhere you turn, people are talking politics. We sat down with Courtney Vercler and talked politics and especially how to hold one's opinions in ways that a gracious, but firm.


Episode 7: OPENfaith2016 - Charles & Dustin

October 9, 2016

Charlie & Dustin went to a conference in Indianapolis last week. On the drive home, they had a conversation about their thoughts and impressions. 


Episode Five :: Jeff Eagan is on Tour

September 9, 2016

Jeff Eagan has been a "friend of Imago" for a long time. About a year ago, he and his family moved to Denver, CO. He's back in Peoria for the weekend doing a comedy/storytelling/music tour about tolerance he's calling "Frienemies." The Frienemies show will be at The Fox Pub and Cafe on Sunday night in Peoria at 6pm. The bar and restaurant will be open and there's a $10 cover at the door. 


Episode Five :: Jamie Harwood is Running for Coroner

September 2, 2016

I'm sure you've seen the yard signs, Jamie Harwood is running for coroner. But, behind that, Jamie is just a guy who attends our church and is on a faith journey. I think you'll enjoy getting behind the yard signs! If you want more information about Jamie and his campaign for Peoria County Coroner, his website is harwoodpeoriacountycoroner.com.


Book Discussion: The Sin of Certainty

August 10, 2016

In this episode, I invited a couple of guests to sit and talk about Peter Enn's book The Sin of Certainty


Episode Three :: Chris Schaffner

June 3, 2016

I intended to go all kinds of directions with this episode, but mostly we got stuck on how parenting is HARD!


Episode Two :: Jessica McGhee

May 15, 2016
This podcast is providing a great excuse for me to talk to interesting people! This episode I talked to Jessica McGhee. I let her tell her own story, but trust, it's worth the listen!

Here's a link to Jessica's blog where she talks about her life and the story behind the jewelry she makes. And if you just want to see her jewelry you can order it here.